CBS TV Channel is one of the oldest American shows, a very big part of the entertainment industry. With the new CBS app you can watch the latest episodes of your favorite CBS shows for free, no log-in required to instantly stream anytime, on any device. If you want to watch CBS on roku, simply go to and yo can do anything.

How do you Activation Code?

Roku is a platform that provides all the shows that CBS is offering on its official channel. So, you have to activate it via For that, you’ll need an activation code. Let's find it.

  • First, you need to launch the CBS TV on your device.
  • Next, select the “Sign in with TV provider.”
  • Now click on “Continue,” and a code will be displayed on your screen.

These are the steps that will help you get the activation code. Once you get the code, it is much easier for you to continue the rest of the process to activate CBS on Roku.

How do you Activate CBS on your Roku?

After getting the activation code from the steps given above, you need to complete the process to stream the shows on CBS. For that, follow the points given below.

  • After getting the code, you’ll need to visit on your mobile. Open the CBS website on your web browser and enter the code given on your TV screen.
  • Now click on “Activate.” This will connect your mobile with the Roku TV.
  • Choose the TV provider on the mobile.
  • Sign in with the TV provider username as well as the password and then “Continue.”
  • This will sign you in, and you can click on “Start Watching” and start streaming the spic shown on the CBS on Roku.